We recently covered a 3-part series on Compute Engine Pricing, which I list down over here:

In Part 1 , we covered On-demand pricing , where you are charged for the time that you keep the Virtual Machine instances running. We also covered the scenario, that in development and testing environments, one of the recommendations is not to keep the instances running all the time. …

In the previous part, we took a look at Custom Machine Types in Google Compute Engine and how you could provision a VM as per your specific vCPU / RAM requirements and save on the cost.

In this article, we are going to look at how you can save a lot more of the list price of a VM via what are know as Preemptible Virtual Machines. We will also understand more importantly, where you can ideally use this type of a VM.

What is a Preemptible Virtual Machine?

I would like to present the definition via two points:

  • This is an instance that you can…

In the previous part, we took a look at understanding the basics of Sustained Use Discounts (SUD) and Committed Use Discounts (CUD) and how they are related to pricing a Virtual Machine in Google Compute Engine.

In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the biggest differentiators in Google Cloud Platform : Custom Virtual Machine Types.

Before we get to that, let us continue with the Virtual Machine instance type that we used in the previous article i.e. n1-standard-1 , which as per the documentation gives us 1 vCPU and 3.75 GB RAM.

Google Compute…

This is series of articles that I plan to write to help understand the various pricing levers that you have in Google Cloud Platform’s core compute offering : Google Compute Engine. I plan to explain this vis easy to understand and practical examples with the help of the Google Cloud Cost Calculator, that is available publicly.

Let’s get going.

Google Compute Engine provides a core infrastructure component : Virtual Machines (VM). These VMs are classified into different families

  • General purpose
  • Memory Optimized
  • Compute Optimized

Each family has various machine types. How do you select which machine type, what kind of…

Dialogflow is a great tool for designing and building out Agents that can run in a variety of Messaging Platforms. In my interactions with customers, a frequent request that comes up is about support for multiple languages. Not just that but complex scenarios like “Can an Agent support more than 1 language in a single utterance?”, etc.

The objective of this blog post is to show you step by step how you can start designing an Agent in Dialogflow that can support two languages. …

This is a book review for “Bad Blood” by John Carreyrou.

Wow ! What a book ! The book covers the Theranos saga and how the startup and its founders managed to pull off their web of lies, never managed to get a proper working product even after years and downright bad behaviour with its employees.

The fact that law eventually caught up with the founders, Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani in the end is just but the damage that they have caused to employees and investors is immeasurable. There are so many lessons in this for anyone in the…

This is a book review for Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (mostly) Wrong by Eric Barker.

This is an interesting book and a different one in the sense that the author takes up several areas around achievement/success and in each one, he gives both a “For” and an “Against” argument. At the end of the chapter, the author provides some best practices around it.

For example, one of the chapters is on “Do Good folks always finish last or second best?”. He starts off with giving how folks did…

This is a book review for So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport.

I have read Cal Newport’s book on Deep Work and I particularly liked his thoughts in that book. This book was written a while before the Deep Work book but it got me curious to learn more around what his thoughts were to get better at work.

The premise of this book is a discussion on the conflict around skills v/s passion. Should you follow a path that you are passionate about or should you focus on building your skills first and then discover the…

This is part of a Google Cloud Functions Tutorial Series. Check out the series for all the articles.

By now, you will be familiar with creating Cloud Functions (foreground and background) and associating the appropriate trigger i.e. HTTP Trigger, PubSub Trigger and others. We usually find that we have a need to trigger the Cloud Function at regular intervals.

Consider the following Cloud Functions that you might have written:

  1. A function that checks a Stock Price every 10 minutes and sends you an email.
  2. A function that runs once a day at 3:00 AM to begin the process of taking…

This is a book review of The Fuzzy and the Techie : Why the Liberal Arts will Rule the Digital World by Scott Hartley.

This book caught my attention a few months back since I am firmly of the belief that to create great products, it is not just about having technical prowess but a lot of other things and I specifically wanted to understand the role of liberal arts. It is this intersection of streams that is of deep interest to me.

The book is firm in its theme and gives numerous examples of how folks with either just…

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